Sunday, 17 February 2008

Bunny Rabbit - It Ain't Easy

Bunny Rabbit sound has been likened to Joanna Newsom rolling around in a dumpster with an mpc instead of a harp. That’s an apt description for this Brooklyn based songstress. Some may wish to write her off as another M.I.A or Santogold, but they’d be missing out on some cheeky crunked up tunes that are feisty but somehow gentle at the same time. My kinda woman. The beats have a crunchy feel with a sprinkling of middle eastern flavours, squelchy, oily and morish, like good hummus. They come courtesy of Black Cracker, someone worth keeping an eye on, his myspace has some big tunes on it. Get on that.
This is the video for It Ain’t Easy taken from her full length Lovers and Crypts. Do you like it?

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Man Bites Blog Podcast *COMING SOON

Roel Wouters the next Gondry?

Roel Wouters AKA Xelor is a name to take note of if you work in the creatives. This Dutch graphics guru is after your job! There does'nt seem to be anything he cant do, and do well. Take his recent forray into music video direction for example. His work for My Robot Friend and ZZZ demonstrate that a simple well crafted video neednt be CGI heavy in order to appear futuristic. Both are inherently low-tech in their approach, but the end result does not scream DIY or low budget. In the world of music video production, some consider that the holy grail.

My Robot Friend - Robot High School

ZZZ - Grip

Who would have thought that you could make a video all about editing, that (A) would'nt bore you to death and (B) could be filmed entirely in one take without the use of a single edit!?!?!