Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blaqstarr - We Make It Good Mixtape

I completely slept on the last few We Make It Good mixtapes. Check them out over at the Fader/WMIG site. On a sidenote, is it just me or is the name We Make It Good a little ot close to Mad Decent? Just doesnt fly with me, but who gives a shhh when the music is consistently this tight. These are solid mixtapes form musicians that need to be heard. Fader as a magazine runs in direct competition with XLR8R in the States. And they rule the high seas when it comes to their podcast/mixtape output. But WMIG rival them in quality if not in quantity. Its a real shame WMIG arent hosting them through iTunes. Yo Fader crew get up on that!

The latest mix is by Volume 07 is by Crookers... Not my cup of chai. But Volume 06 is by Baltimores finest rapper imo Blaqstarr. It's dope, but not what you'd expect from him. Which makes it even more sick. Download it here.

Blaqstarr - We Make It good Vol.mp3

While on a Blaqstarr tip. As a local to Baltimore, he'd contributed tracks to The Wire in the past. It was only a matter of time untill he did his own take on the Tom Waits theme tune. Well worth a wacth. Ive yet to see the 5th season, is this like the actual theme tune?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Afrikan Boy - Superstar

From Burgaboy to Afrikan Boy of MIA collaboration fame and that big big song Lidl. If you aint heard it yet, you have to, Have I not posted it? Anyway, Afrikan Boy's about to release the mixtape pictured above above, and Superstar is a cut taken from it. Tune!! This self-reflexive opus once again demonstrates Afrikan Boy's sense of humor, its actually all about the hype off the back of the Lidl tune. Whoever produced it is on the pulse, I guess allot of doors have opened up for him so it wouldn't suprise me if its diplo or some shit. 

Afrikan Boy - Superstar.mp3

Also check out Spike Jones Spends Saturday With MIA over on VBS they end up at Afrikan Boys mums house.


Burgaboy - I have a real urge to spell that with an i. I digress. This guys been working the UK party scene for a while now, thats judging by all the flyers on his myspace. You know the sort, blatantly designed by the same cokehead chav, dated shiny fonts and airbrushed ho's. Again I digress. I guess Burgaboy's riding the Funky House explosion that seems to be getting alot of exposure all of a sudden. Essentially Burgaboy does Bassline, which is bassically the same as Funky House. I've heard it called girly-grime which I kind of like. Whatever tip he's on, it works for me. Check the tunes below.

Burgaboy - Tears (Remix).mp3

Burgaboy - You 'n' Me (Remix).mp3

Line - Love Lock Down (Kanye West Cover)

The crew over at Slutty Fringe have breathed a bit of realworld-ness in to their blog. No not a party. They've only gone and set up  record label. Hot Pockets. Nuff respect on that tip. If the labels anything like their blog. Well it'll be pretty friggin special. Fresh tunes you wont find anywhere else. The first single is off the hook. Where did they find this guy. I'm talking about Line a British chappy with a wonderful voice whose bold refix n' rejig of Kanye West's Love Lockdown constitues the labels debut release. The result is one of my favourite little singles of 09 thus far. A digitally hotwired cover of the Kanye West banger. Line will be playing live on ith at the Islington Academy alongside Crazy P, Shock Defeat, and the Slutty Fringe DJs on March 5th.

Line - Love Lock Down (Kanye West Cover).mp3

Man Bites Blog Party @ Dalston Visions Video Bar

A golden rule of blogging, is never draw any attention to lack of posts. Well Fuck that cos I've been busy taking Man Bites Blog into the real world. What manifested was the afore-posted party. Whitney Et Schumacher, Neon Skullz, and DJ Dials. It was big - not in terms of numbers - Where were you when I needed ya, huh?
But in terms of music and misadventure. Whitney Et Schumacher stole the show, whatever that actually means. First by almost killing someone in their dash to make it to the stage on time. Car. Bike. Windscreen. Thwack. Spanish cyclist jackknifed to the ground. Whitney unscathed but shaken. Cyclist dazed, confused but easily bribed. Luckily all parties concerned were left unharmed. The only tragedy is that no photos have emerged. Thats A recccuring theme actually - I need more!!!
Music wise things were far less dramatic, I mean all went smooth. Bad turn of phrase. It was the motherflippin' Jam! Believe me I was there. Whiteny Et Schumacher killed it, weird mutated hip hop. I've cristened it ASBO Pop. Expect a pending mixtape in the not so distant.
Neon Skullz laptop skullbuggery was a joy to behold. Someone was heard saying that ''He plays every type of music I've ever heard'' well if you've grown up on a diet of Garage, Dubstep and Grime. In other words Crawley you can't argue with that.

DJ Dials on the ones and two's. Does that even mean turntables? Anyways DJ Dials was joined by Lazer Sword. Together they rocked the joint with their take on all things hip hop. Also of the mutated bit-crushed-to-fuck variety.
A Big thank you to all those that came, and all those that took part. If anybody has anymore photos please post them.
My DJ set might have not been Ethnographic Jam but my outfit sure was!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

DJ Dials - Face Melters Mixtape

DJ Dials will crunk you.. he will.. he will.. crunk you (Repeat!) This mix is a pulsating audio pile-pile-up of LOUD NOISES. Hip hop gets crunched and spliced to f*ck- Hyphy, Crunk, R&B'Iatch, even beats courtesy of Rustie, Megasoid, Lazer Sword mangle their way on to the Face Melters Mix. Its all done in a way that excites me big time. Even more so, cos' I'll hear him tear this up very soon as he's kindly offered to headline my party on the 19th of February. So, If you like what your hearing you have to come and show some love.

DJ Dials - Face Melters Mixtape.mp3

Man Bites Blog Presents:

Thursday 19th at Dalston Vision Video Bar in London. Man Bites Blog has ripened to the age of one and to celebrate, I'm throwing a party. Turbo Crunk and Boom Blap courtesy of DJ Dials - Whitney et Schumacher debut their ASBO pop - and Neon Skullz will kill, then, resurrect you with his trademark voodoo bass and laptop skull-buggery! If that weren't enough we've got a secret guest lined up so special-so special- so special (no not Movado) but their promoters will hunt me down if I tell you who they are. So just trust me its a fucking coup, fans of the blog/podcast will know this is going to the f*cking jam. Come down, if not to support the blog and the music, then in aid of Hackney Music Development Trust. All profits will go their way. In any case the nights going to be off the hook. So if your in the East London area, Dalston to be precise on the 19th Feb, it will be messy.

Dalston Visions Video Bar on 19th Feb will sound like this...
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Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers Low Limit Remix.mp3
is that giving too much away?? ;-)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Douster & Arcade - Wasted Mix

Oh shit people this is Serious... like Seri-ARSE! Grab this mix now from Douster & Arcade over at Wellgosh. I'm hearing a bug eyed mix of HI NRG mix of Techy Hip Hop, Digital-cumbia, Ragga, and Baille funky. By the sounds of things Douster blatantly hosts one of the sickest parties going on in Buenos Aires right now as part of the ZZK collective. Fuck paying for their MP3 mixes though - Booo! If you got a sec check Douster's myspaz for his Missy Rain refix and more fine mixes at no extra cost.