Thursday, 15 October 2009

Popoklatsch ▀▀ Mixtape

Download this special treat here. Not a podcast par se, Popoklatsch is a 30 minute mix featuring The Rolling Stones, Selda Bagcan, Ice Cube and many more acts from the hit parade. A musical odessy that straddles genre and time. Kent ihr das? Popoklatsch dass ist ja wahnsinn!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Two Fingers - 25 Minute Mix

Amon Tobin and Doubleclick bring this 25 Minute Mix as Two Fingers. Hip Hop multiplied by bass to the power of glitch seems to be the formula here. Work it out for yourselves and download it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

This is EXACTLY what blogs are for - Japanese Transgender Rock&Roll + Tropical Bass Mixtapes!

Who is this guy? Wow, this is Fret-Wanking! The likes of which haven't been witnessed since Eddie Van Halen developed a taste for energy drinks.
I shall counter-act this act of musical self-flagellation by way of cultural juxtaposition.

Here's the mix I promised on the previous Podcast by Tehran. Mine's A Mujito is a devishly funky mix that if it were a drink would be one of those sickly fruity Um Bongo's. For a much more succint write up check the Bass Music blog. I'm off to watch that wackjob's related videos on Youtube.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Man Bites Blog Podcast Ep: 11

Download new episode of the Radio Show!

Critics are calling it 'the best Harry Potter yet' and 'a very pleasant student to work with'. Look forward to Israeli beats courtesy of Ruff, Polish dubstep from SUPRA1, a song about Mr. Charlie's mill, and a Glaswegian choir doing Joy Devision.

Man Bites Blog Ep:11 Track Listing
  1. Lightnin' Hopkins - Mr. Charlie
  2. Lale Belkis - Cigene
  3. Max Tundra - M.B.G.A.T.E
  4. Lightning Dust - I Knew
  5. Warpaint - Billie Holiday
  6. Strong Arm f/ Latin Thuggz & Third World - One Step From Going Crazy
  7. Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
  8. Ruff - Otega Passhoot
  9. The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine
  10. The Durutti Column - White Rabbit
  11. The Parsonage - Love Will Tear Us Apart
  12. Moderat - Rusty Nails (Shackelton Remix)
  13. DJ Nate Da Trak Genious - IMA DOG
  14. Little Jinder - Polyhedron (SUPRA1 Remix)
  15. Billie Holiday - I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone?
  16. The Drifters - Under The Boardwalk
  17. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  18. Latinsizer - Libelula
  19. Bjork - Earth Intruders (Lexx Remix)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Man Bites Blog Podcast Ep: 10

Download new episode of the Radio Show!

Its all about hip hop. Thugged-out crunked-up boom bap from some of hip hops most progressive artists like Busdriver, Dj Quik & Kurupt. Beats will be big, you have my word on that. Rhymes will be tight, and production will be ill. So kick back and nod your f*cking head! BUT this being MBBP there's a few oddities thrown into the mix, just in case you thought it weren't gonna be eclectic. Download it here.

Man Bites Blog Ep:10 Track Listing
  1. hawd gankstuh rappuh emsees wid ghatz - DJ Brownfinger
  2. The Walker Brothers - In My Room
  3. DJ Quik & Kurupt - 9x Outta 10
  4. Ghost - Elevate (DJ IQ feat Jehst)
  5. Black Milk - Bounce
  6. Lupe Fiasco - Dumb It Down
  7. K-Kruz - Time (Take Remix)
  8. Beat Down - TTC Para One Tes
  9. Awol One & Capacity - Group Therapy
  10. Dubbledge - 777
  11. Foreign Beggars - Black Hole Prophesies (Jesht Remix)
  12. Richard Youngs - Halifax Amore
  13. Kev Brown - Batida
  14. Busdriver - Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsets)
  15. Two Sisters - High Noon
  16. Jape - Gimme Some More
  17. Quad Throw Salchow - Speed
  18. Sensational Meets Kouhei - Sensachre 10 Mix (Autechre Remix)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

DJ Quik & Kurupt - 9x's Outta 10

Prepare to listen to a slice of hip hop newness - Its fresh for real nigguh! (Can I write that black, is that allowed?) 1st single off the new DJ Quik & Kurupt record BlaQKout sounds NEW, real new. Who knew? How new... I mean how can it sound so new? Well, it captures that ellusive elixr of the here an now. Like listening to A Millie for the first time. Or when Timbaland had Timberlakes ear. 9x's Outta 10 stripped down truncated stomp of a beat is akin to Grindin, even Korupts flow resonates in that same Clipse vein. Dam I'm liking this. The cut up vocal teasing throughout, simple and lush! This is the best hip hop track I've heard in a long time. Just decided. I'm the first to put my hands up and say that I'm no Hip Hop geek. My knowledge is fleeting, I know these guys have been around, but does any of their other stuff sound like this? I need to get the album BlaQKout pronto.

DJ Quik & Kurupt - 9x's Outta 10.mp3

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Joyce Muniz - Mexe Mexe Mix

Someone may have turned off summer for the foreseeable future here in London. But fuck do I care when I got me's Joyce Muniz sending me sonic sunshine from, er, Vienna. Wassever! Balearic bass, favella jams and house tropicalle is just what this Gringo blogger needs right now. Zshare this mix here.

1. kubo/un korpo/mixtape intro
2. kubo feat. Joyce muniz – mela
3. zombie disco squad- esperanto (solo rmx)
4. crookers feat. Mc leka – para de gracinha ( sticky K rmx)
5. beware & motorpitch – backstabber (more drums less talk mix)
6. eduk - jumpin N..pumpin
7. dj woody- buffalo bill Text Colour
8. dj edgar – projeto funk se- (vem kikando)
9. daniel haaksman- senta senta
10. chris james & lee dearn – torcida cumbia
11. renaissance man -what is guru (rivastarr rmx)
12. nick & dannychatelain – katrinyla (buff buff rmx)
13. kubo feat. joyce muniz – solta a porra (joyce muniz & SR edit version)
14. solo – joga bola
15. daniel haaksman feat. mc miltinho – kid conga
16. metal cut – izotope
17. scottie b & king tutt- african chant (top billin rmx)
18. kubo feat. joyce muniz – rebola
19. douster- for weirdos only (momma..s boy rmx)
20. bonde do role- solta o frango (schlachhof bronx rmx)
21. air tronic - remember (b. funk electric mix)
22. buraka som sistema- puxada (joyce muniz & SR edit version)
23. flore feat. shunda k – test
24. dj beware & motorpitch – la mezcla
25. outro / vaza

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Man Bites Blog Podcast Ep: 09

New episode of the radio show!

Vital signs are good at
Man Bites Blog towers. I've cobbled one helluva show, the perfect companion in this post Jackson world. The usual still applies. So strap yourself in for some insane beats, classic tuneage, and the odd oddity. I'll even throw in meringue from Dominican Republic's finest boy band, psychedelic art rock old and new, n' some jerkin. Download it here or subscribe to it in iTunes. S'ow I roll!

Man Bites Blog Ep:09 Track Listing
  1. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (1981 Home Demo)
  2. Buillion - I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
  3. Miles Benjamin Anthony - Buriedfed
  4. El Perro Del Mar - Glory To The World
  5. High Places - From Stardust To Sentience
  6. Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Joker & Ginz Remix)
  7. Loop Haunt - Rubber Sun Grenade
  8. Zomby - Float
  9. J Hawk - Tippin On My Dick
  10. Line - Love Lockdown
  11. Skirmish - Who's Dat Boi
  12. Anthony & The Johnson's - Epilepsy Is Dancing
  13. Radiohead - Talk Show Host
  14. Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
  15. Omega - Tu Na Pas Mi
  16. Devo - Mongoloid 17: Desi Arnaz - Babalu
  17. Comus - Children Of The Universe
  18. Grouper - Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping
  19. Lucky Dragons - Open Melody
  20. My Robot Friend - Robot High School
  21. Broughton & Casati - The Rage
  22. Addled - Where Am I?

Friday, 3 July 2009

Loops Haunt Promo Mix

Crank up the speakers Glasgee style and bang out this mix from Loops Haunt. He's from the Lucky me stable, that brought us such wonderful thoroughbreads as Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. If like me you were just starting to get a wee bit tired of this glitched up hip hop, this could change your mind. Where as some of the stuff I've heard has got a little wonky, Loops Haunt seems to take things down a more techno route. Beats are millitant and crushing - it's a syncopated assualt to be reckoned with.

Loops Haunt - Promo Mix.mp3

1. The Streets - Blinded By The Lights (Loops Haunt Rework)
2. Scott Joplin - The Ragtime Dance (Loops Haunt Remix)
3. The Police - Walking On The Moon (Loops Haunt Rework)
4. Loops Haunt - Huarache
5. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
6. Loops Haunt - Rubber Sun Grenade
7. Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer
8. Loops Haunt - Squint
9. Unknown Artist - Wee Willy Winky

Saturday, 28 March 2009

sniTch Tape Vol.2

Cop a load of this little mixtape *ahem* Snitch Tape. Its a nice lend of guitar pop and some big beaty beats. Its accompanied me on many a stroll these past few summery days. If your in the London area this week, the Snitch DJs will be playing at the next Nuke Them All party on the 4th april. Should be fun. Bite it here

1. In for the Kill (Skream’s Let's Get Ravey Remix) - La Roux
2. Dressed In Dresden - The Hundred In The Hands
3. Sugar The Pill - Your Twenties
4. Smile Upon Me - Passion Pit
5. I'm Not Sorry - The Cocknbullkid
6. Lips (We Have Band's 'We Have Lips' Remix) - Micachu &The Shapes
7. Into The Fire (Yo Majesty Remix) - Dead Kids
8. Tick Tock - Rowdy SuperSt*r
9. Cradle - Joy Formidable
10. Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie & The Banshees
11. Too Fake - Hockey
12. I’m Good…I'm Gone - Friendly Fires
13. Solid Gold - The Golden Filter
14. Hold Me Down (Shoes Remix) - Primary 1
15. Some Velvet Morning - Primal Scream
16. Sweaty (Shazam Remix) - Muscles
17. Pump Up The Jam & The Looks (Fiar Medico Mashup) - Technotronic vs. MSTRKRFT
18. Push (Tronik Youth Remix) - Shinichi Osawa
19. AA 27 - Dance Area
20. Rombo (Discotek Remix) - Bloody Beetroots (sniTch Step Edit)
21. All The Hardcore Girls - The Count & Sinden (sniTch Edit)
22. I love London (Douster remix) - Crystal Fighters
23. Lagos Town - (Konrad Old Money Remix) Afrikan Boy

Friday, 6 March 2009

Hudson Mohawke @ Plastic People Thursday 26th March 2009

Numbers present: Hudson Mohawke 'Polyfolk Dance EP Launch Party'
Pilfered from the Warp Records site:

Thursday 26th March 2009 (rescheduled from original date of 5th March)
10pm > 2am Plastic People, Curtain Rd, London purchase tickets here
HUDSON MOHAWKE (live) - warp records
Nelson & Spencer (dj) - numbers/wireblock
Mamiko Motto (dj) - hepcat/kindred spirits

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops.mp3

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Blaqstarr - We Make It Good Mixtape

I completely slept on the last few We Make It Good mixtapes. Check them out over at the Fader/WMIG site. On a sidenote, is it just me or is the name We Make It Good a little ot close to Mad Decent? Just doesnt fly with me, but who gives a shhh when the music is consistently this tight. These are solid mixtapes form musicians that need to be heard. Fader as a magazine runs in direct competition with XLR8R in the States. And they rule the high seas when it comes to their podcast/mixtape output. But WMIG rival them in quality if not in quantity. Its a real shame WMIG arent hosting them through iTunes. Yo Fader crew get up on that!

The latest mix is by Volume 07 is by Crookers... Not my cup of chai. But Volume 06 is by Baltimores finest rapper imo Blaqstarr. It's dope, but not what you'd expect from him. Which makes it even more sick. Download it here.

Blaqstarr - We Make It good Vol.mp3

While on a Blaqstarr tip. As a local to Baltimore, he'd contributed tracks to The Wire in the past. It was only a matter of time untill he did his own take on the Tom Waits theme tune. Well worth a wacth. Ive yet to see the 5th season, is this like the actual theme tune?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Afrikan Boy - Superstar

From Burgaboy to Afrikan Boy of MIA collaboration fame and that big big song Lidl. If you aint heard it yet, you have to, Have I not posted it? Anyway, Afrikan Boy's about to release the mixtape pictured above above, and Superstar is a cut taken from it. Tune!! This self-reflexive opus once again demonstrates Afrikan Boy's sense of humor, its actually all about the hype off the back of the Lidl tune. Whoever produced it is on the pulse, I guess allot of doors have opened up for him so it wouldn't suprise me if its diplo or some shit. 

Afrikan Boy - Superstar.mp3

Also check out Spike Jones Spends Saturday With MIA over on VBS they end up at Afrikan Boys mums house.


Burgaboy - I have a real urge to spell that with an i. I digress. This guys been working the UK party scene for a while now, thats judging by all the flyers on his myspace. You know the sort, blatantly designed by the same cokehead chav, dated shiny fonts and airbrushed ho's. Again I digress. I guess Burgaboy's riding the Funky House explosion that seems to be getting alot of exposure all of a sudden. Essentially Burgaboy does Bassline, which is bassically the same as Funky House. I've heard it called girly-grime which I kind of like. Whatever tip he's on, it works for me. Check the tunes below.

Burgaboy - Tears (Remix).mp3

Burgaboy - You 'n' Me (Remix).mp3

Line - Love Lock Down (Kanye West Cover)

The crew over at Slutty Fringe have breathed a bit of realworld-ness in to their blog. No not a party. They've only gone and set up  record label. Hot Pockets. Nuff respect on that tip. If the labels anything like their blog. Well it'll be pretty friggin special. Fresh tunes you wont find anywhere else. The first single is off the hook. Where did they find this guy. I'm talking about Line a British chappy with a wonderful voice whose bold refix n' rejig of Kanye West's Love Lockdown constitues the labels debut release. The result is one of my favourite little singles of 09 thus far. A digitally hotwired cover of the Kanye West banger. Line will be playing live on ith at the Islington Academy alongside Crazy P, Shock Defeat, and the Slutty Fringe DJs on March 5th.

Line - Love Lock Down (Kanye West Cover).mp3

Man Bites Blog Party @ Dalston Visions Video Bar

A golden rule of blogging, is never draw any attention to lack of posts. Well Fuck that cos I've been busy taking Man Bites Blog into the real world. What manifested was the afore-posted party. Whitney Et Schumacher, Neon Skullz, and DJ Dials. It was big - not in terms of numbers - Where were you when I needed ya, huh?
But in terms of music and misadventure. Whitney Et Schumacher stole the show, whatever that actually means. First by almost killing someone in their dash to make it to the stage on time. Car. Bike. Windscreen. Thwack. Spanish cyclist jackknifed to the ground. Whitney unscathed but shaken. Cyclist dazed, confused but easily bribed. Luckily all parties concerned were left unharmed. The only tragedy is that no photos have emerged. Thats A recccuring theme actually - I need more!!!
Music wise things were far less dramatic, I mean all went smooth. Bad turn of phrase. It was the motherflippin' Jam! Believe me I was there. Whiteny Et Schumacher killed it, weird mutated hip hop. I've cristened it ASBO Pop. Expect a pending mixtape in the not so distant.
Neon Skullz laptop skullbuggery was a joy to behold. Someone was heard saying that ''He plays every type of music I've ever heard'' well if you've grown up on a diet of Garage, Dubstep and Grime. In other words Crawley you can't argue with that.

DJ Dials on the ones and two's. Does that even mean turntables? Anyways DJ Dials was joined by Lazer Sword. Together they rocked the joint with their take on all things hip hop. Also of the mutated bit-crushed-to-fuck variety.
A Big thank you to all those that came, and all those that took part. If anybody has anymore photos please post them.
My DJ set might have not been Ethnographic Jam but my outfit sure was!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

DJ Dials - Face Melters Mixtape

DJ Dials will crunk you.. he will.. he will.. crunk you (Repeat!) This mix is a pulsating audio pile-pile-up of LOUD NOISES. Hip hop gets crunched and spliced to f*ck- Hyphy, Crunk, R&B'Iatch, even beats courtesy of Rustie, Megasoid, Lazer Sword mangle their way on to the Face Melters Mix. Its all done in a way that excites me big time. Even more so, cos' I'll hear him tear this up very soon as he's kindly offered to headline my party on the 19th of February. So, If you like what your hearing you have to come and show some love.

DJ Dials - Face Melters Mixtape.mp3

Man Bites Blog Presents:

Thursday 19th at Dalston Vision Video Bar in London. Man Bites Blog has ripened to the age of one and to celebrate, I'm throwing a party. Turbo Crunk and Boom Blap courtesy of DJ Dials - Whitney et Schumacher debut their ASBO pop - and Neon Skullz will kill, then, resurrect you with his trademark voodoo bass and laptop skull-buggery! If that weren't enough we've got a secret guest lined up so special-so special- so special (no not Movado) but their promoters will hunt me down if I tell you who they are. So just trust me its a fucking coup, fans of the blog/podcast will know this is going to the f*cking jam. Come down, if not to support the blog and the music, then in aid of Hackney Music Development Trust. All profits will go their way. In any case the nights going to be off the hook. So if your in the East London area, Dalston to be precise on the 19th Feb, it will be messy.

Dalston Visions Video Bar on 19th Feb will sound like this...
Publish Post

Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers Low Limit Remix.mp3
is that giving too much away?? ;-)

Monday, 2 February 2009

Douster & Arcade - Wasted Mix

Oh shit people this is Serious... like Seri-ARSE! Grab this mix now from Douster & Arcade over at Wellgosh. I'm hearing a bug eyed mix of HI NRG mix of Techy Hip Hop, Digital-cumbia, Ragga, and Baille funky. By the sounds of things Douster blatantly hosts one of the sickest parties going on in Buenos Aires right now as part of the ZZK collective. Fuck paying for their MP3 mixes though - Booo! If you got a sec check Douster's myspaz for his Missy Rain refix and more fine mixes at no extra cost.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Man Bites Blog Podcast Ep: 08 Feat. Whitney et Schumacher

The Whitney et Schumacher takeover continues. Enjoy their special brand of electronic ear sing-song and wordsmithery as they help me navigate through the usual musicus eclecticus. Actually its mainly electro crunk with a Syrian or Turkish folk track sprinkled here and there for good measure. Other than that you can expect the usual mish-mash of music you may have never heard before. This weeks show features the likes of JME, Selda Bagcan, Fever Ray, and of course the afore mentioned Whitney et Schumacher.

Download it here

1. Rich Boy - Drop
2. Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
3. Whitney et Schumacher - Mindshowers
4. Banjo or Freakout - Archangel (Burial Cover)
5. Restiform Bodies - Interactive Halloween Bear (Lazersword Remix)
6. Jackson C. Frank - Milk and Honey (Whitney et Schumacher Refix)
7. Selda Bagcan - Ince Ince
8. Omar Souleyman - Leh Jani
9. Bugge Wesseltoft - Somewhere In Between
10. Bollie - You May Kiss The Bride
11. Don Armando - I'm An Indian Too
12. Whitney et Schumacher - Back to 85

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Whitney et Schumacher

Whitney et Schumacher make electro pop music of the kind that Thom Yorke would have made if he had an Asbo. Songs constructed of squelchy synths, bargain-bin basslines and lyrics that are cobbled together ala Joanna Newsom make an for an alluring listen. Mind Showers is a syncopated rally-cry to the mentally unhinged distilled through a love of Aphex Twin, UKG, and Nerd-Rap. Complex in its execution and arrangement, yet still maintaining a rhythm and flow that is catchy and memorable. Whitney et Schumacher make music in Crawley. The sort of English town where nothing happens. Ever. But with songs like Back to 85 they trancend the doldrums of the place they call home, firmly putting Crawley on the musical map.
Below is an exclusive track they remixed for the podcast. A wonderfully booming re-fix of the great Jackson C. Frank. Keep your ears, eyes and even your fucking legs out for forthcoming debut LP Why Race The Music? For now enjoy these...

Whitney et Shumacher takeover the pod with their special brand of electronics and wordsmithery. Ofcourse you can expect the usual mish-mash of modern beats and those that slipped between the cracks of a musical yesteryear. This weeks show features the likes pof JME, Selda Bagcan, Fever Ray, and of course the afore mentioned Whitney et Schumacher. They even prepared a bespoke remix for Man Bites Blog Podcast, a frantic re-scrambling of the Jackson C Frank classic Milk and Honey. Enjoy the show people.

1. Rich Boy - Drop
2. Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
3. Whitney et Schumacher - Mindshowers
4. Banjo or Freakout - Archangel (Burial Cover)
5. Restiform - Interactive Halloween Bear (Lazersword Remix)
6. Jackson C. Frank - Milk and Honey (Whitney et Schumacher Refix)
7. Selda Bagcan - Ince Ince
8. Omar Souleyman - Leh Jani
9. Bugge Wesseltoft - Somewhere In Between
10. Bollie - You May Kiss The Bride
11. Don Armando - I'm An Indian Too
12. Whitney et Schumacher - Back to 85

Monday, 19 January 2009

Guido - Minimix

I am loving all this electronic crunky dubstep I've been hearing. Guido is another dubstep producer to get your head round in 09 thats been doing just that. He's mates with Joker and is part of the Bristol bass scene. His remixes have been popping up on all the right mixes, Kode 9, Dusk and Blackdown to name a few. Below is a mix he did for Highrise in Decemeber, a nice taster in the shape of a dirty lil' minimix.

Guido: December Mini-Mix.mp3

Guido - Tantalized
Guido, Aarya & Ruthless - Beautiful Complication
Guido - Chakra
Guido - You Do It Right
Guido - Orchestral Lab
Gemmy - Johnny 5
Guido - Mad Sax
Joker - Do It!
Guido - Tango
Joker - Digidesign

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Music Video Goodness

I havent shared videos with you lovely people in a long time. Nothing paticularly new here, in fact this first offering for Ugly Casonova is a couple of years old. This has stood the test of time and still gets me giggling like the first time I saw it. Disgusting and cute in equal measures. Odd to say the least.

Ugly Casanova - Things I Don’t Remember 

Directed by Yuri A

The next video is by Nagi Noda who tragically died too young. The video she made for Japanese chanteuse Yuki is a fitting tribute. Using a hole hoard of extras this fantastic video is reminiscent of Gondry at the height of his powers. I love videos the shy away from using special effects in post production, and instead with a bit of thought and creative panache, use proper old fashioned techniques. The results are always more visually arresting. 

Yuki - A Sentimental Journey 

Directed by Nagi Noda

Some newer stuff now. This 8bit wonderment for Fly Lo by Eric Wareheim mixes a Tron-like aesthetic with the sort of shenanigans that go down at Dalston's visions on a nightly basis. Whats more hypnotic; the dudes strangely familiar moves, the large ladeez rotundant physique, or the tecnho phychadelia in the background? All combined it makes for some gripping viewing.

Flying Lotus - Pariaien Goldfish

Directed by Eric Wareheim

Tenchuassassin: Grime 'n' Manga Mashups

Tenchuassassin does these manga mashups over grime tracks You can watch them all here. The one he did for JME's Juju Riddim is particularly good, guess it helps that the tracks a fucking banger. Watch it below and grab track too while your at it.

JME - Juju Riddim (A Tenchuassassin Production)

JME - Juju Man.mp3

Friday, 16 January 2009

Lazer Sword A Cometh!

San Franssico's very own digital crunk pioneers Lazer Sword are setting sail, bound for the shores of Europeland. UK and NL to be precise but maybe further inland if any on-it promoters get a sniff. And book they should, as Lazer Sword are audio pirates of the highest order. Guaranteed to spread disco mayhem, dancefloors beware, they rape hip hop with their chaos pads like naughty ghetto bitches. If you like your beats bit-crushed to f*** and hip hop spliced ala Rustie, Modeselektor and Kid606. Then you might like them a wee bit. Listen to what they did to poor ol' Restiform Bodies after it got a Lazer Slashing below.

Lazer Sword Tour Dates

12 Feb 2009 Metz
13 Feb 2009 BALLERS SOCIAL CLUB Glasgow Scotland
21 Feb 2009 Nottingham
28 Feb 2009 DUM DUM @ TIVOLI Utrecht, Utrecht

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Schlachthofbronx - Heil to the Bayrische Baille Funky

Its time to make some room on your Ipod for Schlachthofbronx. Go ahead and delete the last Modeselektor album because this is the only dose of bastardised German techno-raggaton you'll need. The DJ Comrade mix posted below, starts with their track DJ Finga a hypnotic sycophantic call-to-arms that pulses its way into your sub-concious. Pure and simple, this is dance music with all the hallmarks of calypso, ragga, and Kwaito. Underpinned by stacks and stacks of Bass. There's that Kraftwerkian German precision and repetition, rhythm and choruses drill and pump. Then somewhere this 'attitude' seeps in. A kind of sonic bravado that just sounds tough. On Guata a crunching techno bassline muscles its away alongside an African tribal rhythm, this is a potent heady mix. Friends I want to dance with you, can you do the dutty wine Bavarian style?.. Just listen the unpronouceably written track below and it will come to you

Schlachtofbronx - We Nah Fraid (Baby Cham & Damarco).mp3

Schlachtofbronx - Fuana.mp3 Media Fire

Rag und die Lergeschwister - Isartalerghettoschutzen (schlachthofbronx remix).mp3

Schlachtofbronx - Poppin.mp3


The boys over at Masala CISM posted this banging mix by DJ Comrade. I had to bite for you. Read about it here or just listen in ignorant baile funky bliss.

DJ Comrade - BOOMBOXX SOUND#1.mp3

Schlachthofbronx - Di Finga
Dj Vielo - Décalé Mon Afrique
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko remix)
Zonora Point - Huachita Rica (Douster remix)
General B - Style Dem (Outada Riddim)
Power Man - Nuh Big (Outada Riddim)
Kiprich - Neva Neva (Outada Riddim)
Busy Signal - Money Tree
Drenchko - No More
Zôl - Syphillisuperstar (Borgias Edit)
Dizzy Rascal - Pussyhole (Megasoid remix)
Cheb I Sabbah - Alkher Illa Dorfor (The Nectar Remix)
Fnaire - Sah Raoui ft Salah Ein, Maalam Kouyou & Dj Sueside
Filastine / Maga Bo (is Sonar Calibrado) - E Dai (ft Speak Freaks)
Kardinal Offishall - Bring the Fire Out

Monday, 12 January 2009

Elijah and Skilliam: 2000 and Grime mixtape

Shut yer face about the shameless re-post. Man BITES Blog ye get me? 2000 and Grime is doing the rounds on all the blogs so if you download one grime mixtape this year then.. Seriously, this is a choice selection from the likes of Joker, Temps, and Jammer. Download it here.

1. P Money - Grime Scene
2. D1 - Oingy Boingy
3. Maniac - Thug
4. Tinchy Stryder - Rollin
5. Royal T - 1UP
6. Mz Bratt Feat Griminal - Drop Bombs
7. DOK - Royal Flush
8. Joker - Do it
9. JME - Ju Ju Riddim
10 Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
11. Jammer Feat Frisco & Tempa T - Big Man Ting
12. Royal T - Wheres My Money? (Butterz Special)
13. Ghetto Feat Griminal - Dont Phone Me
14. Mr Snowman - Triple Drop (Butterz Special)
15. DVA - Nasty Nasty Nasty (Sukh Knight RMX)
16. Tempa T - Next Hype
17. Waifer - Gunman Skank
18. DVA - Bullet A Go Fly
19. DVA - Come Over (Remix)

Neon Skullz - Four Weeks To Wife Her Mixtape

Pull Up Pull up! Le Couteau Jaune's very own Neon Skullz and friend of this blog returns with another fine helping of crunked out garage, thuggin basslines, and party tunes a-plenty. He's been corrupting dancefloors in London of late, and this is exactly the kind of Hi NRG rave music that gets him into trouble at Calling All Tribes and Nuke Them All. Tis a big sweaty mix indeed. ZShare it here Biatches!