Sunday, 14 September 2008

Blap To The Future - A Lazer Sword Mixtape

 Download this fresh mix from Lazer Sword. Blap To The Future is one big Hip Hop massacre! Busta Rhymes, Me Gusta, Lil Wayne all feature and get bit-crushed to fuck. This is digital Boom Bap, no, Digi-Boom Blap of the highest order. That makes no sense haha, anyways bite it here.  

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Chris De Luca of Funkstorung fame has teamed up with Phon.O hence the name.. They're on Boys Noize's record label. Heres a link to 3 mixes of theirs. They also have some good videos on youtube for a few of their tracks. Thats all I know for now :-)

Nuardwar - The Human Serviette

At first I thought this guy was a joke, but as Jay-Z says in this clip, Nuardwar, despite his appearance and demeanour is an extremely knowelagable fellow. His interviews are fantstic, and really go deep under the skin of some of the biggest names in hiphop. There are loads more on his site and I think he may even have a radio show in Canada.

Nuardwar Intverviews Jay-Z

Monday, 8 September 2008

Eero Johannes - Skweee Will Rock You

This is killing me at the moment. Eero Johannes electronic noodlings are straight up Skweee but with loads of bounce! You remember Skweee right? That Finish/Swedish bleepy electro music. This guys signed to Planet Mu and is about to drop an album for which there's a release party in London at one of my favourite venues Corcica Studios on Sep 27th. Skwee you there homies. Listen to a taster below, unfortunatley its only a small sample grrr :-(

While I'm treading pastures Skweee. I came across this superb little mix by Kid Logic, and I mean superb. Eero Johannes features at the end and so do the rest of the big guns in the Skweee scene. Track Listing in Comments section.

DL Kid Logic Funknastastic Mix Sorry DL Only

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Bangladesh - Making Aww Shit

This is a great insight into how Bangladesh works. Watch him as he demonstrates how he constructs a beat, in this case for Kelis's Aww Shit. He did alot on her last record including Bossy. Incedentially this was filmed in P. Diddy's restaraunt in Atlanta of all places. Download the finished Kelis track below. As you'd expect the beat is fucking ill!!

Speak The Hungarian Rapper

Yee Come On. Thats Right. Buisness!! Oh my this floored me, too funny, those backing singers. Comedy gold pure and simple.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Uproot Andy - Guacharaca Migration Mix

Uproot Andy - Guacharaca Gigration Mix.mp3 Sorry DL Only

Here's a new mix by Uproot Andy, I haven't heard it yet but I'm sure its sick full of tropical cumbia and dirty basslines. TL is in the comments section. Im confident this will be good!

Agaskodo Teliverek - Record Launch Party Sep 18th

If you are in London this month you should come to the record launch party for Agaskodo's second album Psycho Goulash at CATCH on Thursday September the 18th. Entry is free, yes free! So arrive early for stinky Hungarian sausage. Should be one great big fun fest. Neon Skullz and Le Couteau Jaune are also on the bill.

Agaskodo Teliverek - Blood Club

Dir. Barry Gene Murphy