Thursday, 27 March 2008

EPISODE 03: Man Bites Blog Podcast

Roll up, Roll up (Ahem!) Episode 03 of the podcast is complete and ready to DL for your listening pleasure. It's an oddball of a show where Portuguese 80's Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Italo-Disco awkwardly sit side-by-side. Sit back relax and let this musical meandering take you on a journey.... Enough with the ramblings! Enjoy.

Download MBBP EP:03

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rustie and Hudson Mohawke

I went out last night, and the warm up DJ's dropped a track by eDit, followed by Flying Lotus, and then some Lazer Sword for good measure. I was in turbo-crunk heaven and this wasn’t even LA. London had finally caught on.. credit where credit's due, they've been feeling this up north for ages! The Lucky Me crew were in town, hosting a night in a club called The Gramophone to be precise. Taking centre stage were baby-faced Rustie and Hudson Mohawke, two Glaswegian beat-freaks that have been playing glitched-out electro Hip Hop to overawed ravers up north for quite some time. Although how long I can’t be sure as they looked about sixteen. The night was in aid of Hudson Mohawke's recent signing to Warp and the release of his single Ooops, a re-edit of Tweet's track of the same name. My-oh-my did they put on a show, everyone was going berserk for there bass heavy mashups of hip hop and electronics. It was sick, believe me.
I’ve got a mix from you, hi-jacked from the Dazed and Confused site, and you can listen to Hudson Mohawke's single below as well. I feel a Man Bites Blog Podcast Turbo Crunk SPECIAL brewing, watch out for that one.

Rustie and Hudmo – 4am Drunk Mix.mp3

Hudson Mohawke – Ooops.mp3

Hudson Mohawke – Luckyme & Numbers NYe skiffle Mix.m3
Sorry DL Only!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Wondering about Wanderlust

Should I really be this excited about a music video I haven't even seen yet? Hell-yes, is the simple answer! Bjork has teamed up with the video magicians at Encyclopedia Pictura for her latest single Wanderlust. That's big, mark my words. We all know that Bjorks videos are always ten steps ahead of the game, and by choosing to work with Encyclopedia Pictura she will no doubt continue treading down that path. All be it dressed as a fairytale yak wading through a river made of hair all in glorious 3D! If the rumors are true a stereoscopic 3D version of the clip will be available somehow. In anticipation I will leave you with the only still I can find from Wanderlust, and a couple of vintage Encyclopedia Pictura works of video art!

Read more about the making of Wanderlust

Grizzly Bear - Knife

Seventeen Evergeen - Haven't Been Yourself

The Gaslamp Killer

I found this mix floating around the ether. It comes courtesy of yet another LA based turntablist. The Gas Lamp Killer is his name and killing.. err Gas Lamps is his game? Well if a Gas Lamp was a club in the hinterland of the Hollywood Hills then he'd definitely live up to the title. This mix which was recorded for a session at Dublab is eclectic to say the least, melding breakbeat, dubstep, ethnic grooves and Nirvana all to good measure. Soon to be anointed onto the Warp Records roster, TGLK will sit neatly long side your Prefuse 73's and Flying Lotus'. He's got some live dates in the UK in April, sweet!

DL The Gas Lamp Killer Mix

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sébastien Tellier to play Eurovison

France has spoken! After weeks of deliberation Sébastien Tellier has been chosen to represent France in the 2008 Eurovision in Belgrade. But its gets better, the track called devine taken from his latest record Sexuality is produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, one half of Daft Punk. Surely that makes this is the most credible entry in the history of Eurovision. Its a cheesy slice of pop-goodness akin to de Homen Christo's The Music Sound's Better With You. The track can be downloaded below, and also features prominently on MBBP Ep: 02.

Sebastien Tellier - Divine.mp3

Thursday, 13 March 2008

EPISODE 2: The French Connection

Prepare for your second helping of MBBP. This time around I am joined by my dear friend Mathieu. Together we will guide you through a beguiling mix of cutting edge music. In honour of Mathieu's Gallic charm, a large part of the mix is devoted to French music. Bon apetit mon amis!

This week Agaskodo Teliverek, Crunk Tesla, Sebastien Tellier, Tekel, and so much more...

Download MBBP EP:02

Monday, 10 March 2008

F. Lunaire's The Mondestrunken EP

Like a fallen comet F. Lunaire's Mondestrunken EP plummets to earth. Peek within the smouldering crater, and you will find 5 beautifully crafted songs, composed by Florian a talent way beyond his years. Having cut his teeth playing piano for Kid Harpoon, F. Lunaire steps forward into the limelight with an upcoming album and live shows that will have you kicking yourself if you miss out. As EP's go, the Mondestrunken EP punches well beyond its weight, with a sensibility that deftly shifts between ballad and pop song, up-tempo and serine. Songs like Quantum Physics in the Sink and Tarantella (For Your Tarantism) will have you dancing, but with heavy eyes, swollen from tears of joy, sorrow, maybe both.
Believe me, we are in sophisticated singer-songwriter terrain here. His lyrics are laced with acute observations that are familiar and fresh, to me anyway. Incedently, they can all be read on his myspace. A limited run of 1000 ep's are available through rough trade, alternately the ep can be purchased on itunes. I highly reccomend, I'll leave you with 2 live tracks.

F. Lunaire - Josiphine (Live)

F. Lunaire - La Lune (Live)

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Lazer Sword

 Lando Kal and Bryant are the two halves of Lazer Sword, A San Fransisco hip hop outfit that’s probably shredding up another track right as we speak. They produce re-edits of popular hip hop records and release their own music through b.e.a.r 50 Cent got bit crushed till their laptops fried, and in the case of Lil Wayne's Stuntin In went generic hip hop ditty out came crunked up electronic opus. The LS sound is dirty and bass heavy, it's aggressive but not too vulgar to loose that party vibe. In fact put a track on at your next gathering and ill be dammed if someone doesn’t start to flip out like the kids in Rize, I know I would!

Lil Wayne - Stuntin like my daddys (LazerSword Remix).mp3
Nump feat M.I.A - I got grapes lazer sword fuck yes treemix.mp3

Saturday, 1 March 2008

EPISODE 1: Man Bites Blog Podcast

At long last the first episode of MBBP Ep. 1 is complete. It’s a humdinger of a show, I tell thee. Featuring the likes of Konono No. 1, Theophilus London, and Crystal Fighters I can guarantee with some assurance that this radio-phonic voyage will offer something to suit all shapes and sizes. Enjoy...

Download MBBP EP:01

Theophilus London

Oh my this guy has skills! Theophilus London aka Thelonius Kapps is another Brooklyn based B-Boy to look out for. Mark my words, he will be big, and I'm thinking Kanye big. With an album on the horizon produced by Jimmy Edgar, Machine Drum, and Harry and Clyde Productions TL has electro-nerds and hip hop heads alike dribbling all over their plimp soles in anticipation. An outsider by choice, TL didn’t fit the gangster mould and has shunned the main staples of the US Hip Hop scene. The result, a progressive sound rich with influences taken from avant-garde jazz, electronica and NY Fashion. Currently you can download an ep of rarities from Z-Share, id recommend that and there are a couple of tracks on his collaborators myspaces. Hero a favourite of mine can also be heard on my 1st podcast. Check it out!

DL Exclusice tracks here