Thursday, 22 April 2010

Chipmunks & Earth Day Sex

Master meta-mashup MD, DJ 0.000001 drops a new gem in honor of Earth Day, as well as a whole album of remixes featuring high-pitched "chipped up" vocals. Both free!

"Earth Day Sex" (ZIP w/ art & info) -

DJ 0.000001 ft. Jamie Foxx "Straight To The Dance Floor (Chipped Up Remix)"

All Chipped Up (ZIP w/ art & info) -

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gory Pussy, Juggalette Rapper

Wow! This is different... Self-proclaimed juggalette MC, Gory Pussy, makes hilarious and subversive rap songs about vagina dentata and the like. And she's rather cute too...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Even The Stars Look Like A Mess ▀▀ Mixtape

Download link

Nicolai continues his series of mixtapes with Even The Stars Look Like A Mess. An audio collage that melds Drone, Ambient and Drag. The perfect soundtrack to summer.. right? The blissed out milky sounds of Lil Wayne scatter alongside abstract Krautrock and the monolithic Sun O))). Salem, Harmonia & Eno, Silver Apples, even Werner Herzog make their presence felt. Well this is Man Bites Blog, the home of musicus eclecticus!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Man Bites Blog Podcast Ep: 12

Download MBBP EP:12

This time around you can expect to be lulled into an artificial state of delirium as the podcast takes things nice-n-slow. It's like the syrup on the pancake of sound. The music drags, courtesy of OOOOO, Mt. Kimbie and Balam Acab. Look out for Miles Davis serenading Wacko Jacko from the grave. Skirmish is rewriting the dubstep rulebook as we speak. His dark dark take on the genre is a highlight. The blueberry's to continue previous metaphor. Last but not least the music of Man Bites Blog favorite foreign correspondent Th'Mole burrows his way into the tracklist. You better check out Ep:12 you bumbaclart.

Man Bites Blog Ep:12 Track Listing

1. Miles Davis - So What
2. Mt. Kimbie - Maybees
3. Dead Man's Bones - The Room Where You Sleep
4. Andrew Weatherall - Fail We May, Sail We Must
5. Hudo Mo - Twistcliploop
6. Skirmish - Glitchstep
7. Autechre - Known(1)
8. Glasser - Tremmel (Jamie XX Remix)
9. Balam Acab - See Birds
10. OOOOO - Mumbai
11. Magnus Ulga - Sommartid
12. Aurthur Russell - Get Around To It
13. Lisa Lisa - If Wonder If I Take You Home
14. Miles Davis - Human Nature
15. Loyd Banks - Beamer Benz or Bentley
16. Th'Mole feat Warrior Queen - Jump Jack
17. Caoti Mundi - No More Blues