Friday, 30 May 2008

Low End Theory trailer

From what I can make out it seems that Low End Theory is the brainchild of LA producer Daedelus. It's a club in LA thats has become something of a mecca for those that push the boundries of hip hop and electronics. Artists like eDit, Nobody, Daddy Kev, and Flying Lotus have all graced the turntables over the past few years. A documentary chronicling Low End Theory will be out soon.

The track from that trailer is called Doggy by Daddy Kev

Thursday, 29 May 2008

DLake - BMore of A Hipster Mixtape

Download it here
Track List:

1. DLake - Bmore Of a Hipster "V-Mail" Intro [Feat. Symbol & Spank Rock]
2. DLake - Dance All Night [Feat. Symbol & Demetrius]
3. M.I.A. - U.R.A.Q.T.
4. M.I.A. - XR2 TURBO! (Diplo Re-Edit)
5. Blaqstarr - Hands Up, Thumbs Down
6. Bamabounce - Wu-Tang Slide
7. Wu-Tang - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to F'wit (Bird Peterson Remix)
8. Scottie B. - Find a Way [Feat. A Tribe Called Quest]
9. Dre Skull - I Want You back [Feat. The Jackson 5]
10. Beastie Boys - Girls (DLake Remix)
11. Gotye - Hearts a Mess (DLake Remix)
12. Royksopp - Remind Me (DLake Re-Edit)
13. Justin Timberlake - Love Stoned/I think she knows it (Justice Remix)
14. Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music
15. Fergie - Glamorous (Space Cowboy Remix)
16. DLake - Diffibulator [Feat. JC & Demetrius] (Bird Peterson Remix)
17. Qualo vs. Green Velvet - Shake Yo Pockets (DJ Morsy Remix)
18. Lil Jon vs. Goose - Throw It On (DJ Morsy Remix)
19. Thunderheist - Suenos Dulces
20. Spank Rock & Benny Blanco - Shake That (DLake Re-Edit)
21. Kid Sister - Damn Girl (Curtis Vodka Re-Edit)
22. Kanye West - Stronger (DJ A-Trak Remix)
23. Diplo - Work is Never Over
24. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
25. Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
26. DLake - Bmore of a Hipster "Shameless Plug" Outro

Hebrew Crunk.. Okaaay!

Bethan Wood

I was doing my recycling like the good samaritan that I can be on occasion. En route I bumped into Bethan and her car. Clearly she understood that recycling needn't be a chore, and that it could be taken to some other level entirely. I asked if I could take some pictures, I figured that this is the sort of thing Kanye would blog about if he saw it first.  When she is not creating otherwordly vehicles from planet crunk, she fashions jewelry made of wood which you can purchase from her website. 

One day i went to Lidl

Its mad how much my musical taste has changed of late. I'm finding myself really liking the grimier things in life. For example I heard Junior Spesh by Red Hot Entertainment on Rinse today and was like ''this is fucking bad boy, I need this!'' 15 minutes later when the McShakes started to kick in. I quickly youtubed it to get my 2nd fix. ''Mayonnaise is 20 pence more'' come on thats the kinda lyric I demand in a chorus! It almost floored me when I realised that I'd seen the video a year ago, maybe even longer on Channel U. Back then I was skipping through the music channels with some pals, we were in hysterics when saw this ode to the £1.50 Junior Special. I could'nt stand it, we ripped the shit out of it and flicked over. Things change, I hope you like it as much as I do now.

Red Hot Entertainment - Junior Spesh

...While I'm on the topic of food related grime. You need to hear Lidl by Afrikan Boy, you may recognize him, he was on M.I.A's Hussel. This time round he's singing about our fav Euro supermarket. For those that don't know what Lidl is, its like the bastard love-child of
food shops. Believe me its more depressing than a council estate, and probably just as ghetto. But there pickled gherkins are the shit! Sign up here for the weekly Lidl newsletter here Braaap!

Afrikan Boy - Lildl

Sunday, 18 May 2008

!Me Gusta! - Liu Kang

What can i say I've been busy and the suns been shining. Sorry for the Hiatus. But I'll make up for it in droves. Starting right now with some tracks. Then in a couple of days MBBP Ep:06 will be waiting for you in your pigeon holes.

!Me Gusta! - Liu Kang.mp3

First up !ME GUSTA! and their Sega Genisis inspired grime-medleys. This couple of San Jose street urchins are making seriously bad boy beats. Unless your currently restrained like some maximum security kiddy-fiddler, this track will get your head nodding. An EP is in the making, meanwhile I say to you... Liu Kang wins!

DJ Nate Da Track Genious - Give Dat Man Room

DJ Nate Da Track Genious - Give Dat Man Room.mp3

Right let's keep the hip hop flavour. Some evil beats courtesy of DJ Nate Da Track Genious. This guys production is relentless, he weaves repeated vocals into something very atmospheric and broody. Imagine listening to the last Burial album on the wrong speed and your pretty close.

Manuel Göttsching - Echo Waves

Manuel Göttsching - Echo Waves.mp3

They say everything comes in three's. So here's 3 of 3 in tonight's tranche! a spectral-disco ditty courtesy of Manuel Göttsching. I was reading up on Studio an excellent band from Sweden who cite this chap as a major influence, in fact most musicians that use electronics and guitars are in someway indebted. Some of his work straddles Jean Michel Jarre territory, but thats easily overlooked when jems like this song Echo Waves make themselves heard. Check his website for loads more downloads by him and his band Ash Ra Temple. Also, lil' known fact, James Murphy ripped off Göttsching's artwork for E2-E4 when he released 45:33

Theres another episode of man bites blog on it's way. It's recorded (Thanks to all those involved) I just need to figure out to edit on this new mac of mine. Also, suprising seeing that i've been a little slacko of late. Hypem and have opened their gates and let me in. Enough with the news enjoy the jams.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


...or "People Envy Happiness, Dogs Though, Sense Courage Knowing Jubilation Means Better Assets” is Tom Wait's latest mantra. Prophetic musings or meandering mumblings? Indulge as the king of the hobo's announces his forthcoming 'Glitter and Doom' US tour at a press conference below. PS the image above came 2nd when I googled Glitter and Doom, it's a painting called Zwei Frauen by Christian Schad. Turns out Glitter and Doom was the name of a recent exhibit in New York of German artwork from the 20's. A movement reffered to as New Objectivity. I think Tom would approve.

There's talk of a European one too :-)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

I Can Skweee Clearly Now

What do you get if you cross moroder-esque synths, crunky baselines, and synthetic funk? Skweee, of course. Well, that’s what Pavan the founder of the pioneering Skwee label Flogsta Danshall would have us believe. He describes the sound that comes from both Finland and Sweden as ''instrumental, quite primitive electronic music.. It usually consists of a "dirty" sound, vibes that make you think of early electro, techno and c-64 music.'' Imagine if Timbaland had all his equipment seized by the IRS and had to make R'n'B loops with the kids toys they left behind. He'd be making Skweee basically! This Nordic noise is on a warpath. Having spread it's digital seed in Scandinavia artists like Beem, PJVM and Wizards of Dos have the Berlin club scene firmly in their Viking sights. It's only a matter of time untill skweee rapes and pillages a dance floor near you. Check out The Nation Of Skwee for all things Skweee related. Labels of note being Harmönia and Flogsta Danshall.
Want to hear some some right now? Then download Beem’s album here for freee, Mouth Everest is summit else :-) Below are
some choice cuts taken form one of the first Skweee compilations Museum of Future Sound.

Claws Costeau - The Franzzz Conncection.mp3

Wizards of dos - a paba.mp3

PVJM - Rubard Dream.mp3

Romain Gavras

Taking notes from cult films like Man Bites Dog, La Haine and A Clockwork Orange, the new Justice video is a viceral and violent opus. The track is pretty ''...mehhh'' but teamed with the great visuals and clever sound design from Director Romain Gavras, the Justice juggernaut continues on its crusade of cool. It's provocative and brimming with a cocky 'ban me now, see if I care' attitude. Download it here or stream below.

Justice - Stress

Dir: Romain Gavras

I could'nt mention Gavras without posting the first video of his that I saw. No matter where you grew up in Europe, your bound to have come around the guys that feature in this Dj Mehdi video.

DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Bangalter Edit)

Dir: Romain Gavras