Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The latest serving of Magical Bass, featuring Danny Elfman, Drop The Lime, Dead Prez and more, is something completely different. Engrossing, hilarious and bass-filled, it's a radio play mystery loosely based on DJ 0.000001's recent relationship problems. Both beat junkies and anyone who's ever suffered a broken heart will find something special in Magical Bass Episode 5: The Case of the Missing Magic.

01. DJ 0.000001 - Intro
02. Danny Elfman - Shrunken Heads Main Title (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Stacs of Stamina & DJ Sharpsound)
03. Th' Mole - How 2 B Cool
04. Stacs of Stamina - Poisson Screwed (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. DJ Sharpsound & Chromeo)
05. J-Kwon - Tipsy (Instrumental) (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Techno Animal)
06. Terms None - Terror Alert Orange (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. J-Kwon & Lamb)
07. Killjoy - Britney Stole My Crackpipe (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. 666Gangstaz)
08. Drop The Lime - Bricks (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Kylesa & Serge Gainsbourg)
09. Th' Mole - I Hate You
10. Mindless Self Indulgence - Straight To Video (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Math Head, Kylesa & DJ Scud)
11. Danny Elfman - Beetlejuice The Animated Series Main Title (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Beginner)
12. Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Coldcut, Sebastian & Rush)
13. Rush - Tom Sawyer (DJ 0.000001 Remix ft. Skream & Too $hort)
14. Th' Mole - Don't Be Sad, Nothing Matters

Magical Bass - Episode 5: The Case of the Missing Magic by magicalbass

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