Friday, 29 August 2008

Man Bites Podcast Episode 6 - Listen here!!

I know its been too long! Alas, here's the next installment, and its fresh. Jam packed full of the tunage, bit of a dub flavour I guess. Lots of bass heavy shit and a few oldies for good measure. Let me know what you think of my selection. It's undergone a wee facelift, and is coming to you in a lush mp4 package. That means if you use iTunes you get chapters and pictures as the music plays. Viel spass...

NB tracklist can be found inside the comment section.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Batman - A Spinning Fanny

As a wee nipper I remember loving the music on this game, especially the title sequence. Surely someone's got to have sampled it? It must be on youtube? Well, kind of. The closest I came, was this crummy but utterly hilarious review of the game. I know, I know, paulisthebest3uk and his Burnley accent is way too distracting to enjoy this lil 8-bit opus . But nothing gets past our Paul, because he's a flippin' genius! ''I like the music on this level'' ofcourse you do. Oh not as good as the normal Nes. I hear you Paul. What was that? ''It's good to play on the bus'' I bet is - I can't begin to explain how happy this makes me.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

DJ Mujava - Township Funk

Warp Records are jumping headfirst on to the Kwaito bandwagon by releasing a record by J Burg's DJ Mujava. Billed as South Africa's answer to Baile Funk, Kwaito meshes the syncopated sound of House music with local rhythms, this time with an African tribal slant. Both styles also emerged in the early nineties. DJ Mujava is one of the most popular Kwaito DJ's and it made sense that if anyone was going to bring attention to the sound of the Pretoria projects it would be him.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Uproot Andy Vs. ODB - Brooklyn Cumbia

This is a party joint of the highest order from Uproot Andy. Oh Baby I like it Cumbia!!!

Cut Chemist - 1st Big Break

Apparently this is the first music video to use this new 360 degree panoramic lens. Not very well though it has to be said. But you know someone will do some mad shit with this technology soon. Im seeing a 360 version of Daft Punk's Around The World clip.

Dir. Kyle Ruddick Video

Here's another video that used a crazy new type of camera. Actually it was just an extremely powerful telescopic lens, one that I presume was used by the military. To spare you the agony of having the video spoiled by the god-awful Kaiser Chiefs, I'd reccomend muting the youtube audio, and in quick succession hitting the play button for the Sigur Rós track directly below. It works much better :-p

Kaiser Chiefs - Loves Not A Competition

Dir. Jim Canty

Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do.mp3

Play while watching the video above on mute. Trust me.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

DJ Cornelius - From Rio To Toa Payoh: An Adventure In Baile Funk

I've been posting lots of  mixes lately. This is another Baile Funk mix, this time courtesy of Dj Cornelius, he's from Singapore, presumably Payoh. This is an extremely well crafted mix, with lots of surefire crowd pleasers. If you like this, he's got loads more mixes on his blog.

DJ Cornelius - From Rio To Toa Payoh.mp3