Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Add Larytta to that ever growing list of cool shit to herald from Switzerland.. they come just below Radioclit and above Toblerone on mine. My laptops awash with something that actually sounds new. Excuse me as I gush like a winetaster on heat, but I'm getting an aroma of synthetic funk, laced with notes of african horn, some digital clips and claps, and an aftertaste of groove. This shit is fresh, to me anyway. Lets take 'Just in Time' their most popular track on myspace. What starts as a nice staccato Mathew Dear rhythm soon morphs from its Techno routes to a place where a spanish guitar happily plucks away to a tune about S&M and lard.. but not in a gay German way. This is Nitzer Ebb but with a sense of humour and a terrabyte sample library. Wow, I feel like I did upon hearing The Knife for the first time, and that is high fucking praise.
There is a new record out on creaked records called Difficult Fun

Larytta - The Money.mp3

Sorry Zshare only
Larytta - Tous mes amis.mp3

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Man Bites Podcast Episode 7.1 feat. Neon Skullz & Mathieu

A fresh slice of musical misbehaviour from Nico, Mathieu and Neon Skullz. MBBP:07 sees all matter of crunked out bassline, post-punk, Emotronic R&B all in bastard harmony. Its a real hodgepodge of audio tomfoolery. In the fold this week: Extra Life, Gang Gang Dance, Kanye, Ikonika, Salem, Ruby Suns...