Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Add Larytta to that ever growing list of cool shit to herald from Switzerland.. they come just below Radioclit and above Toblerone on mine. My laptops awash with something that actually sounds new. Excuse me as I gush like a winetaster on heat, but I'm getting an aroma of synthetic funk, laced with notes of african horn, some digital clips and claps, and an aftertaste of groove. This shit is fresh, to me anyway. Lets take 'Just in Time' their most popular track on myspace. What starts as a nice staccato Mathew Dear rhythm soon morphs from its Techno routes to a place where a spanish guitar happily plucks away to a tune about S&M and lard.. but not in a gay German way. This is Nitzer Ebb but with a sense of humour and a terrabyte sample library. Wow, I feel like I did upon hearing The Knife for the first time, and that is high fucking praise.
There is a new record out on creaked records called Difficult Fun

Larytta - The Money.mp3

Sorry Zshare only
Larytta - Tous mes amis.mp3

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Man Bites Podcast Episode 7.1 feat. Neon Skullz & Mathieu

A fresh slice of musical misbehaviour from Nico, Mathieu and Neon Skullz. MBBP:07 sees all matter of crunked out bassline, post-punk, Emotronic R&B all in bastard harmony. Its a real hodgepodge of audio tomfoolery. In the fold this week: Extra Life, Gang Gang Dance, Kanye, Ikonika, Salem, Ruby Suns...

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Blap To The Future - A Lazer Sword Mixtape

 Download this fresh mix from Lazer Sword. Blap To The Future is one big Hip Hop massacre! Busta Rhymes, Me Gusta, Lil Wayne all feature and get bit-crushed to fuck. This is digital Boom Bap, no, Digi-Boom Blap of the highest order. That makes no sense haha, anyways bite it here.  

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Chris De Luca of Funkstorung fame has teamed up with Phon.O hence the name.. They're on Boys Noize's record label. Heres a link to 3 mixes of theirs. They also have some good videos on youtube for a few of their tracks. Thats all I know for now :-)

Nuardwar - The Human Serviette

At first I thought this guy was a joke, but as Jay-Z says in this clip, Nuardwar, despite his appearance and demeanour is an extremely knowelagable fellow. His interviews are fantstic, and really go deep under the skin of some of the biggest names in hiphop. There are loads more on his site and I think he may even have a radio show in Canada.

Nuardwar Intverviews Jay-Z

Monday, 8 September 2008

Eero Johannes - Skweee Will Rock You

This is killing me at the moment. Eero Johannes electronic noodlings are straight up Skweee but with loads of bounce! You remember Skweee right? That Finish/Swedish bleepy electro music. This guys signed to Planet Mu and is about to drop an album for which there's a release party in London at one of my favourite venues Corcica Studios on Sep 27th. Skwee you there homies. Listen to a taster below, unfortunatley its only a small sample grrr :-(

While I'm treading pastures Skweee. I came across this superb little mix by Kid Logic, and I mean superb. Eero Johannes features at the end and so do the rest of the big guns in the Skweee scene. Track Listing in Comments section.

DL Kid Logic Funknastastic Mix Sorry DL Only

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Bangladesh - Making Aww Shit

This is a great insight into how Bangladesh works. Watch him as he demonstrates how he constructs a beat, in this case for Kelis's Aww Shit. He did alot on her last record including Bossy. Incedentially this was filmed in P. Diddy's restaraunt in Atlanta of all places. Download the finished Kelis track below. As you'd expect the beat is fucking ill!!

Speak The Hungarian Rapper

Yee Come On. Thats Right. Buisness!! Oh my this floored me, too funny, those backing singers. Comedy gold pure and simple.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Uproot Andy - Guacharaca Migration Mix

Uproot Andy - Guacharaca Gigration Mix.mp3 Sorry DL Only

Here's a new mix by Uproot Andy, I haven't heard it yet but I'm sure its sick full of tropical cumbia and dirty basslines. TL is in the comments section. Im confident this will be good!

Agaskodo Teliverek - Record Launch Party Sep 18th

If you are in London this month you should come to the record launch party for Agaskodo's second album Psycho Goulash at CATCH on Thursday September the 18th. Entry is free, yes free! So arrive early for stinky Hungarian sausage. Should be one great big fun fest. Neon Skullz and Le Couteau Jaune are also on the bill.

Agaskodo Teliverek - Blood Club

Dir. Barry Gene Murphy

Friday, 29 August 2008

Man Bites Podcast Episode 6 - Listen here!!

I know its been too long! Alas, here's the next installment, and its fresh. Jam packed full of the tunage, bit of a dub flavour I guess. Lots of bass heavy shit and a few oldies for good measure. Let me know what you think of my selection. It's undergone a wee facelift, and is coming to you in a lush mp4 package. That means if you use iTunes you get chapters and pictures as the music plays. Viel spass...

NB tracklist can be found inside the comment section.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Batman - A Spinning Fanny

As a wee nipper I remember loving the music on this game, especially the title sequence. Surely someone's got to have sampled it? It must be on youtube? Well, kind of. The closest I came, was this crummy but utterly hilarious review of the game. I know, I know, paulisthebest3uk and his Burnley accent is way too distracting to enjoy this lil 8-bit opus . But nothing gets past our Paul, because he's a flippin' genius! ''I like the music on this level'' ofcourse you do. Oh not as good as the normal Nes. I hear you Paul. What was that? ''It's good to play on the bus'' I bet is - I can't begin to explain how happy this makes me.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

DJ Mujava - Township Funk

Warp Records are jumping headfirst on to the Kwaito bandwagon by releasing a record by J Burg's DJ Mujava. Billed as South Africa's answer to Baile Funk, Kwaito meshes the syncopated sound of House music with local rhythms, this time with an African tribal slant. Both styles also emerged in the early nineties. DJ Mujava is one of the most popular Kwaito DJ's and it made sense that if anyone was going to bring attention to the sound of the Pretoria projects it would be him.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Uproot Andy Vs. ODB - Brooklyn Cumbia

This is a party joint of the highest order from Uproot Andy. Oh Baby I like it Cumbia!!!

Cut Chemist - 1st Big Break

Apparently this is the first music video to use this new 360 degree panoramic lens. Not very well though it has to be said. But you know someone will do some mad shit with this technology soon. Im seeing a 360 version of Daft Punk's Around The World clip.

Dir. Kyle Ruddick Video

Here's another video that used a crazy new type of camera. Actually it was just an extremely powerful telescopic lens, one that I presume was used by the military. To spare you the agony of having the video spoiled by the god-awful Kaiser Chiefs, I'd reccomend muting the youtube audio, and in quick succession hitting the play button for the Sigur Rós track directly below. It works much better :-p

Kaiser Chiefs - Loves Not A Competition

Dir. Jim Canty

Sigur Rós - Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do.mp3

Play while watching the video above on mute. Trust me.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

DJ Cornelius - From Rio To Toa Payoh: An Adventure In Baile Funk

I've been posting lots of  mixes lately. This is another Baile Funk mix, this time courtesy of Dj Cornelius, he's from Singapore, presumably Payoh. This is an extremely well crafted mix, with lots of surefire crowd pleasers. If you like this, he's got loads more mixes on his blog.

DJ Cornelius - From Rio To Toa Payoh.mp3

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Mike Jones - Still Tippin' feat. Paul Wall & Slim Thug

Still Tippin' is some straight up classic Houston shit! Download the original below and the inevitable chopped and screwed is on Youtube.

Mike Jones - Still Tippin' feat. Paul Wall & Slim Thug.mp3

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Word The Cat's sum>mix***

The illustrious folks over at Word The Cat deliver another fantastic mix tape. Reggae, Cumbia, Bassline, Soca, and a little Justin for good measure. Turn this up loud.. Gunshots!!! Track listing in comments as per usual.

wordthecat - sum>mix***.mp3

Western Spaghetti by PES

See more work by PES here

Ku Bo Summer Mixtape

Baile Funk via Vienna Austria if you fancy it - trust me you do - 23 mins of squelchy basslines and dirty riddims courtesy of Ku Do.  This is the latest project from Stereotyp a real digital dub Terra-rist, ya get me? If his Ku Do moniker is half has as good as his Stereotyp tunage we're going to be in for a treat. 

Ku Bo - Summer Mixtape.mp3

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Air Band @ B.G.W.C

We gatecrashed the UK's first Air Band night - it was pretty messy - The following pictures are not for the faint hearted. Basically we could'nt be bothered to pay £8 to get in to the BGWC. Presented with a loophole that bands got in for free, we formed one on the spot. 
Thats Neon Skullz 1/4 of The Juxterposers. We came up with that name in the queue :-)

The set up was simple, perform a routine to a track, mimicking the musical instruments. Air guitar basically, but the canvas was bigger. Obviously we had no routine - so after a few zambucas we figured we'd just make it up on the spot. 
Eating nectarines and draping myself in toilet paper seemed like the right thing to do. 
One for the Lady's. Again, it seemed like the right thing to do.
Launching lazers into an unsuspecting crowd is a great party trick.

Thats why they call him Neon Skullz. And thats Ben in the background he was a drum.

I have a BA Hons degree in making shapes.
Nearly forgot to mention, the track we chose to do our dance to was the second one off the Venetian Snares album with the Hungarian name. A frenetic slice of schizofrenic drum and bass. 

And yes we are available for weddings and bar mitzvas!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Bangladeshi Bass

Bangladesh is the guru behind one of the finest beats of the year thus far Lil Wayne's A Milli. For his latest offering he's teamed up with Busta Rhymes, a rapper that I’m not that keen on, but he pulls it out the bag for this one. IT's not quite the ''Billi'' that Busta thinks it is, but its still pretty sick. Also, check the accompanying video to hear Busta kicking himself for passing on the A Milli beat.

Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass (Produced by Bangladesh).mp3

Usher and the Rock-afire Explosion

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Spike Jonze is a little ginger shit

I know diddley-squat about skateboarding. Nothing, nix, nada. Ollie's, kickflip to backslide, means nout to me. One guy who does though is a Mr Spike Jonze. No - there is nothing this guy hasn't done. And yes I am fucking jealous! Turns out, before he was this credible indie director in Hollywood (currently filming Where the wild things are FYI!) Way before he was the music video director of choice to your bjorks and beasties. Even before he won every award going for all his advert work. He made a sketchy skateboard video heralded by some as the most influential street skateboarding film of all time; Video Days. This two part documentary is a nice gateway into why Video Days was so innovative and inspiring to so many.

Pt 1 - On Video - Blind Video Days Retrospective

Pt 2 - On Video - Blind Video Days Retrospective

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Wall, the Walrus, and the Waiter.

This video you are about to see is sooo amazing (count those o's) A true work of genius! I don't mind writing that. It is one of the best uses of stop start animation that I think I've ever seen. 
Sorry, I'm gushing but my jaw literally dropped the first time I saw this 7 Minute film by Blu.  I was chanting "please let this be real'' in the back of my mind, hoping it was'nt just some After Effects plugin I'd yet to come across. Turns out its 100% kosher, additive free, animation-verite. A healthy dose of creative juice, and lots of chalk n' charcoal! Check blublu.org for a host of other graph gems, including streetart he has done all over the world. This might just be the best video you see on youtube this week.

Did I over-egg that? No hard feelings video number 2, your totally shit-hot too.  This 5 minute film about John Lennon has been doing the festival rounds for the last year or so picking up loads of awards. At its core, a recorded interview that an inquisitive fourteen yearold took with John Lennon 30+ years ago. This kid was so determined to meet John Lennon that he knocked on every door of the Toronoto hotel he was staying in. The interview was not made public, until now. The resulting animation is as hypnotic as Lennons pros are inspiring. Read here for more info.

The final video in this triple-bill. Lunch is a classic by the czech animation pioneer Jan Svankmajer.  As grotesque as it is funny, this film is taken from a series of 4 called Jidlo (Food). Claymation and stop-start live action are used to beguiling effect as a tramp and a businessman fail to get a waiters attention.

It didn't click until I was reading that wikipedia link, but he directed another film called Little Otik that I'd seen,  a magical horror fairy tale about a woman that gives birth to a wooden child. Pinochio it aint! 

Friday, 30 May 2008

Low End Theory trailer

From what I can make out it seems that Low End Theory is the brainchild of LA producer Daedelus. It's a club in LA thats has become something of a mecca for those that push the boundries of hip hop and electronics. Artists like eDit, Nobody, Daddy Kev, and Flying Lotus have all graced the turntables over the past few years. A documentary chronicling Low End Theory will be out soon.

The track from that trailer is called Doggy by Daddy Kev

Thursday, 29 May 2008

DLake - BMore of A Hipster Mixtape

Download it here
Track List:

1. DLake - Bmore Of a Hipster "V-Mail" Intro [Feat. Symbol & Spank Rock]
2. DLake - Dance All Night [Feat. Symbol & Demetrius]
3. M.I.A. - U.R.A.Q.T.
4. M.I.A. - XR2 TURBO! (Diplo Re-Edit)
5. Blaqstarr - Hands Up, Thumbs Down
6. Bamabounce - Wu-Tang Slide
7. Wu-Tang - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothing to F'wit (Bird Peterson Remix)
8. Scottie B. - Find a Way [Feat. A Tribe Called Quest]
9. Dre Skull - I Want You back [Feat. The Jackson 5]
10. Beastie Boys - Girls (DLake Remix)
11. Gotye - Hearts a Mess (DLake Remix)
12. Royksopp - Remind Me (DLake Re-Edit)
13. Justin Timberlake - Love Stoned/I think she knows it (Justice Remix)
14. Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music
15. Fergie - Glamorous (Space Cowboy Remix)
16. DLake - Diffibulator [Feat. JC & Demetrius] (Bird Peterson Remix)
17. Qualo vs. Green Velvet - Shake Yo Pockets (DJ Morsy Remix)
18. Lil Jon vs. Goose - Throw It On (DJ Morsy Remix)
19. Thunderheist - Suenos Dulces
20. Spank Rock & Benny Blanco - Shake That (DLake Re-Edit)
21. Kid Sister - Damn Girl (Curtis Vodka Re-Edit)
22. Kanye West - Stronger (DJ A-Trak Remix)
23. Diplo - Work is Never Over
24. Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
25. Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
26. DLake - Bmore of a Hipster "Shameless Plug" Outro

Hebrew Crunk.. Okaaay!

Bethan Wood

I was doing my recycling like the good samaritan that I can be on occasion. En route I bumped into Bethan and her car. Clearly she understood that recycling needn't be a chore, and that it could be taken to some other level entirely. I asked if I could take some pictures, I figured that this is the sort of thing Kanye would blog about if he saw it first.  When she is not creating otherwordly vehicles from planet crunk, she fashions jewelry made of wood which you can purchase from her website. 

One day i went to Lidl

Its mad how much my musical taste has changed of late. I'm finding myself really liking the grimier things in life. For example I heard Junior Spesh by Red Hot Entertainment on Rinse today and was like ''this is fucking bad boy, I need this!'' 15 minutes later when the McShakes started to kick in. I quickly youtubed it to get my 2nd fix. ''Mayonnaise is 20 pence more'' come on thats the kinda lyric I demand in a chorus! It almost floored me when I realised that I'd seen the video a year ago, maybe even longer on Channel U. Back then I was skipping through the music channels with some pals, we were in hysterics when saw this ode to the £1.50 Junior Special. I could'nt stand it, we ripped the shit out of it and flicked over. Things change, I hope you like it as much as I do now.

Red Hot Entertainment - Junior Spesh

...While I'm on the topic of food related grime. You need to hear Lidl by Afrikan Boy, you may recognize him, he was on M.I.A's Hussel. This time round he's singing about our fav Euro supermarket. For those that don't know what Lidl is, its like the bastard love-child of
food shops. Believe me its more depressing than a council estate, and probably just as ghetto. But there pickled gherkins are the shit! Sign up here for the weekly Lidl newsletter here Braaap!

Afrikan Boy - Lildl

Sunday, 18 May 2008

!Me Gusta! - Liu Kang

What can i say I've been busy and the suns been shining. Sorry for the Hiatus. But I'll make up for it in droves. Starting right now with some tracks. Then in a couple of days MBBP Ep:06 will be waiting for you in your pigeon holes.

!Me Gusta! - Liu Kang.mp3

First up !ME GUSTA! and their Sega Genisis inspired grime-medleys. This couple of San Jose street urchins are making seriously bad boy beats. Unless your currently restrained like some maximum security kiddy-fiddler, this track will get your head nodding. An EP is in the making, meanwhile I say to you... Liu Kang wins!

DJ Nate Da Track Genious - Give Dat Man Room

DJ Nate Da Track Genious - Give Dat Man Room.mp3

Right let's keep the hip hop flavour. Some evil beats courtesy of DJ Nate Da Track Genious. This guys production is relentless, he weaves repeated vocals into something very atmospheric and broody. Imagine listening to the last Burial album on the wrong speed and your pretty close.

Manuel Göttsching - Echo Waves

Manuel Göttsching - Echo Waves.mp3

They say everything comes in three's. So here's 3 of 3 in tonight's tranche! a spectral-disco ditty courtesy of Manuel Göttsching. I was reading up on Studio an excellent band from Sweden who cite this chap as a major influence, in fact most musicians that use electronics and guitars are in someway indebted. Some of his work straddles Jean Michel Jarre territory, but thats easily overlooked when jems like this song Echo Waves make themselves heard. Check his website for loads more downloads by him and his band Ash Ra Temple. Also, lil' known fact, James Murphy ripped off Göttsching's artwork for E2-E4 when he released 45:33

Theres another episode of man bites blog on it's way. It's recorded (Thanks to all those involved) I just need to figure out to edit on this new mac of mine. Also, suprising seeing that i've been a little slacko of late. Hypem and Elbo.ws have opened their gates and let me in. Enough with the news enjoy the jams.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


...or "People Envy Happiness, Dogs Though, Sense Courage Knowing Jubilation Means Better Assets” is Tom Wait's latest mantra. Prophetic musings or meandering mumblings? Indulge as the king of the hobo's announces his forthcoming 'Glitter and Doom' US tour at a press conference below. PS the image above came 2nd when I googled Glitter and Doom, it's a painting called Zwei Frauen by Christian Schad. Turns out Glitter and Doom was the name of a recent exhibit in New York of German artwork from the 20's. A movement reffered to as New Objectivity. I think Tom would approve.

There's talk of a European one too :-)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

I Can Skweee Clearly Now

What do you get if you cross moroder-esque synths, crunky baselines, and synthetic funk? Skweee, of course. Well, that’s what Pavan the founder of the pioneering Skwee label Flogsta Danshall would have us believe. He describes the sound that comes from both Finland and Sweden as ''instrumental, quite primitive electronic music.. It usually consists of a "dirty" sound, vibes that make you think of early electro, techno and c-64 music.'' Imagine if Timbaland had all his equipment seized by the IRS and had to make R'n'B loops with the kids toys they left behind. He'd be making Skweee basically! This Nordic noise is on a warpath. Having spread it's digital seed in Scandinavia artists like Beem, PJVM and Wizards of Dos have the Berlin club scene firmly in their Viking sights. It's only a matter of time untill skweee rapes and pillages a dance floor near you. Check out The Nation Of Skwee for all things Skweee related. Labels of note being Harmönia and Flogsta Danshall.
Want to hear some some right now? Then download Beem’s album here for freee, Mouth Everest is summit else :-) Below are
some choice cuts taken form one of the first Skweee compilations Museum of Future Sound.

Claws Costeau - The Franzzz Conncection.mp3

Wizards of dos - a paba.mp3

PVJM - Rubard Dream.mp3

Romain Gavras

Taking notes from cult films like Man Bites Dog, La Haine and A Clockwork Orange, the new Justice video is a viceral and violent opus. The track is pretty ''...mehhh'' but teamed with the great visuals and clever sound design from Director Romain Gavras, the Justice juggernaut continues on its crusade of cool. It's provocative and brimming with a cocky 'ban me now, see if I care' attitude. Download it here or stream below.

Justice - Stress

Dir: Romain Gavras

I could'nt mention Gavras without posting the first video of his that I saw. No matter where you grew up in Europe, your bound to have come around the guys that feature in this Dj Mehdi video.

DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Bangalter Edit)

Dir: Romain Gavras

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Music Documentaries

Favela On Blast
These trailers look mucho exciting. Favela On Blast could well be the definitive account of all things Baile Funky. With Diplo at the helm it's sure to be a sonic assault of the senses if nothing else. Can't see a release date anywhere, but hopefully we wont have to wait too much longer.

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies
POTWND had its world premiere in London's Southbank last week. The Belgian electro rockers Soulwax aka 2manydj's unleash their tour movie onto the world. 2 years in the making, 120 shows, feat the likes of Tiga, Justice, So-Me, Peaches, Kitsuné, and Klaxons. It should make for a nice night in.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Jahtari - Digital Laptop Reggae

I came across Disrupt at a listening post in Rough Trade. The record was Foundation Bit, it gave me an ear-ache but a pleasing one, like I was hearing frequencies previously unbeknownst to humans. The bass lines were punchy with noodleings of 8-Bit samples; I quickly scribbled the name down for later downloading ;-) To my amazement and a few googles later I quickly stumbled across the Jahtari Label. A Mecca of mix tapes and free Dub cuts and loads loads more. The mixes are amazing, listening to one right now and my girlfriend who doesnt usually dig reggae is grooving to it while doing her make-up. Did I mention that I recommend all the mixes? Below is a taster of the music Jathari specialise in; glorious Casio tinged Laptop Ragga. This 7 inch net release is by the aforementioned Disrupt.

Side A - Samurai Showdown

Download Complete .Zip here

Side B - Samurai Showdown

Download Complete .Zip here

Neon Skullz Mix on Man Bites Blog

Ditto previous post.. Neon Skullz why aren't you famous yet? You fucking should be! This mix was mangled up specially for Man Bite Blog, and for that I am eternally thankful. You you may recall EP:04 which featured the great man himself. This time Neon Skullz showcases his mixing talents as he splices together Grime, Baillefunk, and Crunk with a capital G B and C. The result: electronic evilness of the highest order! Click here to download.

Theophilus London Jam! Mixtape

Theophulus London why arent you famous yet?.. You fucking should be!! This mixtape was thrown together by Machinedrum - electronica wizkid of the highest order - and its totally bad boy. In my opinion Theopulus London embodies all that is right with hip hop at the moment. A sound that's frenetic, with savvy word play, and a palette of influences that reads like a thesis in cool-hunting! Get this before it expires.